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We have one open reservation for a female in this litter and one open reservation for a male.  They arrived on 6/24/11 and will be ready to go as of 8/19/11.  The females in this litter should range from 20-30 lbs.  and the males from 30-40 lbs.   Email for more info.
Multigen Petites and Micro Petites
The parents are Bella and Trapper.  This litter arrived on 6/27/17 and will be ready as of 8/22/17.  There are 3 males and 4 females in the litter.  The females should mature to 16-18 lb. and the males from 19-21 lb.   Bella belongs to a friend in Colorado and he used Trapper, a FCF stud to sire the litter.  He has a few open reservations.  To see more about Bella, click here.  Bella's and Trapper's health testing certifications can be provided upon request.  Chad can ship a puppy to you, you can fly to him and back with a puppy, or he can fly to you to deliver your puppy to your local airport - fee to be determined by the cost of the airfare.  Puppies are priced at $3000.  Chad's email is
We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. ( ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!