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Fox 5 (WTTG) News
Fox 5 (WTTG) News invited Amy Lane and several Goldendoodles with their owners to do a live segment on March 1, 2004. Jennifer Davis, Fox 5's commentator, is shown here holding "Neka", a 7 week old standard Goldendoodle puppy that is being donated to the Guide Dogs of America in Los Angeles, CA. Amy Lane is holding Emma (an F1 medium owned by Barbara Quinlan), Pebbles (an F1 medium owned by Amy), and Cody (an F1B mini owned by Carol Sly). Gayle Bragg is holding Diesel, her F1 standard.

The staff at Fox 5 said that these Goldendoodles were by
far the most well behaved dogs they ever had on the show.

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