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Multigen Petite/Mini/Medium Goldendoodles  page 9
DUSTY-Owned by Marci MacFerran of San Jose, CA
BEAU-Owned by Sara Khalessi of Upper Saddle River, NJ
LUCY-Owned by Barbara de Montille of Alexandria, VA
SUNNY-Owned by Carol van Puymbroeck of Reston, VA
GRIFFIN-Owned by Debbie Nerhood of Seabrook Island, SC
MOSI-Owned by Rene Martin of Gaithersburg, MD
RILEY-Owned by Catherine Leggett of Villanova, PA
KAISER-Owned by Ashley Laing of Billerica, MA
BRENTWOOD-Owned by Colleen McElroy of Baltimore, MD
TAZ-Owned by Deb Kane of Baltimore, MD
GATSBY-Owned by Amar Khubani of Edgewater, NJ
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CODY-Owned by Monique Botkin of Silver Spring, MD
COOPER-Owned by Tom Burelle of New Bern, NC
KIRBY-Owned by Jo Friedman of Van Nuys, CA
RIO-Owned by Carol Brown of Moorestown, NJ
ROUX-Owned by Cindy Lokre of Santa Barbara, CA
BELLA-Owned by Dawn Canalichio of Dover, DE
CHARLIE-Owned by Sheila Hoff of Loveland, OH
ELLIE-Owned by Emily Romero of Haddonfield, NJ
GRIFFIN-Owned by Debbie Nerhood of Seabrook Island, SC
MURPHY-Owned by Michele Morgan of Potomac, MD
PUZZLE-Owned by Marissa Kozen of Silver Spring, MD
SUMMER-Owned by Suzanne Serafin of Chatham, NJ
TEAGAN-Owned by Janice Doolan of Westminster, MD
TILLY-Owned by Carol Post of Point Pleasant, PA
ZIVA-Owned by MaryAnn Barbieri of Savannah, GA
ZOEY-Owned by Mike Fuchs of Basking Ridge, NJ
ACADIA-Owned by Jaya Ivancic of Princeton, NJ