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Multigen Petite/Mini/Medium Goldendoodles  page 1
Butch, Lulu, Zoey, Fergie, Ginger, Mac, Lucky Jesse, and Cody are flat coated multigen minis.  We now have DNA testing available to determine which dogs carry the flat coat gene.  Because of this tool, we will no longer be producing any flat coated Goldendoodles.  If it is your desire to own one, you can contact Kathy Burgess at www.Goldendoodle.net.  She specializes in flat coated Goldendoodles called Comfort Retrievers.
ECCO-Owned by Marilyn
Price of Meyersdale, PA
BAILEY-Owned by Corine
Welsh of Greenwich, CT
BAILEY-Owned by Corine
Welsh of Greenwich, CT
PORTER-Owned by
Kari Deligatti of
Summerfield, NC
PORTER-Owned by
Kari Deligatti of
Summerfield, NC
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
Porter - goldendoodle.jpg
Porter - goldendoodle.jpg
Ecco - goldendoodle.jpg
BARKLEY-Owned by Stephanie
Weir of Washington, DC
ZAZU-Owned by Bari
Weissenborn of
Mantoloking, NJ
TRUMAN-Owned by Beth &
Arthur Spiro of Little Silver, NJ
Barkley - goldendoodle.jpg
Zazu - goldendoodle.jpg
Truman - goldendoodle.jpg
PEBBLES-Owned by
Kathy & Brian Stitely
of Ellicott City, MD
BUTCH-Owned by Pat
Olshan of Redding, CT
LULU-Owned by Liz & Steve
Pattison of Southport, NC
Pebbles - goldendoodle.jpg
Butch - goldendoodle.jpg
Lulu - goldendoodle.jpg
OLLIE-Owned by Terri Sarfan
of Norfolk, VA
ZOEY-Owned by Alexandra
Andreani of Verona, NJ
GINGER-Owned by Serena
Skretvedt of Midlothian, VA
Ollie - goldendoodle.jpg
Zoey - goldendoodle.jpg
Ginger - goldendoodle.jpg
CODY-Owned by Nancy & Tony
Imbraguglio of Finksburg, MD
LOUIE-Owned by Christina
Carline of Sylvan Lake, MI
SHILO-Owned by Marcie
Balsamo of Boca Raton, FL
FERGIE-Owned by Margaret
McIntosh of Reading, PA
Cody - goldendoodle.jpg
Louie - goldendoodle.jpg
Shilo - goldendoodle.jpg
Fergie - goldendoodle.jpg
LOLA-Owned by Amy
Teicholz of Santa Monica, CA
MILLER-Owned by
Caron Askinosis
of Springfield, MO
JERSEY-Owned by Lucy
Tullo of Towaco, NJ
Lola - goldendoodle.jpg
Miller - goldendoodle.jpg
Jersey - goldendoodle.jpg
PEYTON-Owned by Mike
Stout of Ocean, NJ
ROSIE-Owned by Caryn
Bluestine of Chappaqua, NY
RANI-Owned by Manjiri
Kaundinya of Germantown, MD
JACK-Owned by Alisa
Rutledge of Carmel, NY
Peyton - goldendoodle.jpg
Rosie - goldendoodle.jpg
Rani - goldendoodle.jpg
Jack - goldendoodle.jpg
by Rachel Tiger of
Rye Brook NY
by Rachel Tiger of
Rye Brook NY
TILLY-Owned by Lynda Byrd
of Holly Spring, NC
ARI-Owned by Ondrea
McIntyre-Hall of Falls Church, VA
Winston - goldendoodle.jpg
Winston - goldendoodle.jpg
Tilly - goldendoodle.jpg
Ari - goldendoodle.jpg
REGIS-Owned by Bob
Smith of Millville, NJ
REGIS-Owned by Bob
Smith of Millville, NJ
JAZZ-Owned by
Elizabeth Kellar of
Bethesda, MD
ZOE-Owned by Jill
Hinson of Deephaven, MN
Regis - goldendoodle.jpg
Regis - goldendoodle.jpg
Jazz - goldendoodle.jpg
Zoe - goldendoodle.jpg
MOLLY-Owned by Maddy
Martin of San Jose, CA
KAYLEE-Owned by Jane
Dornbush of Roslyn Heights, NY
TEDDY-Owned by Lisa
Harmon of Richmond, VA
BISCUIT-Owned by Mark
Pettit of Lansdown, VA
MAC-Owned by Dan & Suzy
Eckstein of N. Potomac, MD
HEINZ-Owned by Stephen
Pirris of Pittsburgh, PA
EDDIE-Owned by Makiko
Togo of Mt. Kisco, NY
LOLA-Owned by David &
Leslie Hinderstein of
Chappaqua, NY
BENTLEY-Owned by Leilani
Brenner of Portsmouth, RI
ELVIS-Owned by Jeff Nestler
of Washington, DC
ELMO-Owned by Allison
Page of Gainesville, VA
Molly - goldendoodle.jpg
Kaylee - goldendoodle.jpg
Teddy - goldendoodle.jpg
Biscuit - goldendoodle.jpg
Mac - goldendoodle.jpg
Heinz - goldendoodle.jpg
Eddie - goldendoodle.jpg
Lola - goldendoodle.jpg
Elvis - goldendoodle.jpg
Elmo - goldendoodle.jpg
Lucky Jesse - Goldendoodle.jpg
LUCKY JESSE-Owned by Juliana Mazzeo of Lynbrook, NY
Milo - Goldendoodle.jpg
MILO-Owned by Jennifer Adams of Olney, MD
Luna - Goldendoodle.jpg
LUNA-Owned by George & Laura Freeman of Richmond, VA
Bentley - Goldendoodle.jpg
BENTLEY-Owned by Leilani
Brenner of Portsmouth, RI
Bentley - Goldendoodle.jpg
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