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We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. ( ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!
Multigen Standard Goldendoodles page 2
SCARLETT-Owned by Anna
Maria Mannino of West
Chester, PA
ELLE-Owned by Andrea Eidemiller of Lititz, PA
ELLE-Owned by Andrea Eidemiller of Lititz, PA
PUMPKIN-Owned by Pam
Conover of Baltimore, MD
Scarlett - goldendoodle.jpg
Elle - goldendoodle.jpg
Elle - goldendoodle.jpg
Pumpkin - goldendoodle.jpg
BISCUIT-Owned by
Roberta Glass & Aric
Kaiser of Bethesda, MD
COCOA-Owned by Gay &
Don Losman of Arlington, VA
WRIGLEY-Owned by Laura
Hofer of Arlington, VA
WINCHESTER-Owned by Logan Hottle of Edgewater, MD
Biscuit - goldendoodle.jpg
Cocoa - goldendoodle.jpg
Wrigley - goldendoodle.jpg
Winchester - goldendoodle.jpg
HOLLY & BINDI-Owned by Gina & Kevin
Lockland of Arlington, VA and Kurt &
Kathy Fischer of Alexandria, VA
MONK-Owned by Pam
Echterling of St. Charles, MO
MAIA-Owned by Richard
Alfred of Newton, MA
BUDDY-Owned by Lori
Rogers of Baltimore, MD
Holly and Bindy - goldendoodles.jpg
Monk - goldendoodle.jpg
Maia - goldendoodle.jpg
Buddy - goldendoodle.jpg
LAFITTE-Owned by Katy
& Chris Smith of
Baltimore, MD
MACY-Owned by Daryl
Wansink & Gretchen Likins of
Chapel Hill, NC
KODI-Owned by Ned & Ana
Palmer of Homesassa, FL
TEDDY-Owned by Robyn &
Scott Krugman of
Alexandria, VA
Lafitte - goldendoodle.jpg
Macy - goldendoodle.jpg
Kodi - goldendoodle.jpg
Teddy - goldendoodle.jpg
BOGART-Owned by Leslie
Wolf of Washington
Crossing, PA
LEXIE-Owned by Brooksley
Jones of Potomac, MD
BINDI-Owned by Kevin & Gina
Lockland of Arlington, VA
CHARLIE-Owned by Mark
Lerner of Baltimore, MD
Bogart - goldendoodle.jpg
Lexie - goldendoodle.jpg
Bindi - goldendoodle.jpg
Charlie - goldendoodle.jpg
REESEE-Owned by Jim
Frates of Wellesly, MA
Jack-Owned by Raina
Healy of Los Angeles, CA
RAFFI-Owned by Cathy
Boyle of Washington, DC
DASH-Owned by Marguerite
Leopold of Alexandria, VA
Reesee - goldendoodle.jpg
Jack - goldendoodle.jpg
Raffi - goldendoodle.jpg
Dash - goldendoodle.jpg
Maizey-Owned by Heather
& Doug Boedecker of
Derwood, MD
REDD-Owned by Guide
Dogs of America in
Los Angeles, CA
COOPER-Owned by Cori
Miller of Ambler, PA
TALLULAH-Owned by Meredith &
Michael Mintz of S. Orange, NJ
Maizey - goldendoodle.jpg
Redd - goldendoodle.jpg
Cooper - goldendoodle.jpg
Tallulah - goldendoodle.jpg
KIRBY-Owned by Anne
Appler of Fairfax, VA
SAMMY-Owned by Susan
Baruch of Wesley Hills, NY
SOPHIE-Owned by Mary
Beriont of Garwood, NJ
Kirby - goldendoodle.jpg
Sammy - goldendoodle.jpg
Sophie - goldendoodle.jpg
COOPER-Owned by the Scheidemann Family of Union, NJ
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