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Barkley - Washingtonian's Cutest Pet Winner
Washingtonian Magazine ran a cutest pet contest in February, 2008. Out of 3000
entries, Barkley won by more than 400 votes! He is a multigen mini
Goldendoodle out of Chester and by Daisy. Washingtonian Magazine (below)
announces his achievement and tells more about Barkley.

Barkley - goldendoodle.jpg
Feb. 08 issue

Barkley lives on Capitol Hill with his owner,
Stephanie Weir and a three year old flame-
point Himalayan cat that’s his wrestling
partner. “The cat attacks him, and
he attacks the cat,” Weir says. Barkley’s
father was a sire owned by a West Virginia breeder who was one of the first to create the golden-retriever/poodle hybrid; Barkley had the same distinctive red fur as his dad. “I don’t think it’ll fade,” Weir says. “I love it.”

More photos taken by the Washingtonian photographer
Barkley - goldendoodle.jpg
Barkley - goldendoodle.jpg
Washingtonian's cutest pet winner.jpg
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