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Pebbles at 4 mos.
Phoebe adores the snow!

We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator and producer of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. ( ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!
Phoebe - Multigen mini Goldendoodle - Certified Service Dog
Dear Amy,

It has been a long time since I last was in touch with you and have decided that today, Phoebe's second birthday, is a perfect time to let you know that we are still very grateful to you for your dedication to breeding outstanding pets.  Phoebe is everything you said she would be and more.  I recall that you told me that GoldenDoodles are bright dogs who learn quickly and who are content doing whatever their person wants to do... whether it's to be a couch potato or to hike mountainous terrain.  Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical but you were absolutely right.  Whatever I choose to do pleases Phoebe, even when I choose to do nothing.

The week that Phoebe arrived home with us is the week that she began her intensive training to become my service dog.  A few months ago, her "in training" patch was removed from her vest.  

I have owned many dogs before Phoebe and have loved each of them but our GoldenDoodle's personality, temperament, beauty, and incredible intelligence literally take my breath away. Phoebe goes almost everywhere with me and people constantly stop me to ask what kind of dog she is, where we got her, ... the questions are endless.  I always offer your name and hope you have sold more dogs as a result of us.  

Our family hopes you are well and hopes this note conveys to you how thrilled we are with Phoebe... and both our Doodles!  Winston is awesome, too, and I'm proud to be the Grandmom of such a perfect Grand-dog.  He and Phoebe are best friends.  :)

Take care and bless you for providing us with our little Phoebe.
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Phoebe in the basket of a 2 person peddle cart at Disney World
Some people wonder if Service Dogs have fun.  Phoebe celebrates Halloween just as all other dogs do.  .... or do they? :)
Our first mate navigating for us
Phoebe tuckered out after a full day in New Orleans.
Phoebe and Winston hanging out together .  It's hard to believe that Winston is 3 days younger than Phoebe yet so much larger!  He weighs around 60 pounds... she weighs 20 pounds.  We think they are just aDOGable!!
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