Apply For a Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle Puppy

Adopt a Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle puppy

Once you are approved, we will contact you with next steps and to request payment. If you are applying for a future litter, the application fee is $500. If you are applying for a puppy in a litter already on the ground, the deposit will be $2000. The rest will be due when the puppies are 6-7 weeks of age if you are paying electronically with Zelle or credit card. If you want to pay at the time of pick up, you can bring cash or a cashiers check.

If there is a specific litter/puppy you are applying for, please indicate your preference in the application.

All puppies are $4000 plus 6% sales tax.

Application form

  • Please read and agree to the following by checking the boxes before moving forward. All of the boxes must be selected below for your application to be accepted.
  • You must check all boxes below for your application to be accepted.
  • I understand that you provide a good start for my puppy, but that I will need to continue socializing my puppy once in my care. I understand that unsocialized puppies can be scared of strange people, children, car rides, other dogs and puppies, vets, groomers, different places and environments and may be subject to behavioral issues as a result of lack of socialization.
  • Google, Referral from a friend/family member, Facebook, Instagram, Repeat customer, etc
  • Although we ask if you have a preferred litter, please know we cannot guarantee timing on a puppy. We operate via a master waiting list vs a litter list for many reasons. We do not know how many puppies or what genders we are expecting until the litter arrives. Therefore, we do not know which litter will reach your name until the litter arrives and we know what we have. It is hard to put applications into litter lists when the litter does not yet exist! We are also in the hands of Mother Nature and can miss the pregnancy. If we miss a pregnancy or if your name is not reached for your preferred litter, your application will move to the next litter in your size range that does. Please type “I understand”
  • Puppies often have a lot of energy and can chew, dig, bark, soil the house, and cry at night. They can play roughly and scratch your skin with teeth and nails, they can get sick on floors, furniture, and in cars. Please tell us your patience level and how you might deal with the challenges of puppyhood.
  • Please select all that apply
  • If you entered anything other than "Pet and Companion" in the question above, please elaborate on your needs.
  • PLEASE be as specific as possible. We are looking for adjectives that describe the temperament you are looking for. You can also include activities that you do on a regular basis and information on your family or home that you think would be relevant to a puppy. NOTE: There is no such thing as a "calm" puppy. Puppies by nature are high energy. It typically takes about 2 years for Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles or Golden Mountain Doodles to mellow and for their puppy energy level to go down.
  • We are pleased to announce we work with Prep Your Pup Training Academy for all of our board and train needs. Your puppy will be picked up from us by the trainer at 8 weeks of age and they will start working on crate training, potty training and basic commands. The training programs are anywhere from 2-12 weeks depending on what program you choose. Are you interested in learning more?
  • If you are not within a reasonable drive, you will need to fly into our airport (Dulles- IAD), rent a car and pick up OR hire a flight nanny to bring your puppy to your local airport. We do NOT ship puppies in cargo.
  • Since we are set up for litters and not for individual puppies, all puppies must be picked up on the day they turn 8 weeks old. If you are using the training service, the trainer will pick up your puppy. If you are using a delivery service, the delivery will either be on the day they turn 8 weeks old or the day before.
  • Please note that if a specific gender is requested, your wait could be extended
  • Example: 1. Male 2. Female
  • **Please note that we do not guarantee availability of any particular color. We try as hard as we can to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of our clients, but temperament and health are always our primary goals and color comes after that. NOTE that we DO NOT accept reservations from families that require specific colors.
  • Example: 1. Blonde, 2. Golden, 3. Red
  • Please note that if a specific coat type is requested, your wait could be extended.
  • Example: 1. Wavy, 2. Curly
  • Please give a minimum and maximum with at least a 10 lb range. Petite - Under 25 lb., Mini- 26-35 lb., Medium- 36-50 lbs, Standard 50+ lb.
  • Skip this question if you can accept a puppy anytime.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.