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Boarding and Puppy Training

Board And Train – Extended on-site training

Fox Creek Farm proudly partners with Prep Your Pup Training Academy for all our board and train needs! Prep Your Pup will pick up your puppy from us at 8 weeks of age and continue training for your desired length of time.

Prep Your Pup focuses on crate training, leash work, basic commands, potty training, socialization, community integration, and more! This is an extremely popular avenue for families who are traveling at the time of pick-up or would just like to have their puppy off to a good start!

If you are on our waiting list or are thinking about applying for a puppy and are interested in this service, please reach out to Julie at prepyourpup@gmail.com.

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Two Week Program

Total for Training: $2380 Deposit: $1000

Our Two Week option is perfect fit for some owners. If you are unable to get your puppy from the breeder at 8 weeks old due to scheduling conflicts, we will get your puppy started on training during that time. Two weeks is highly recommended if a puppy needs to be shipped via airline. This program will give them time to get used to an airline crate and possibly get another vaccine administered prior to their flight. For the owners that would like to do their own training, but understand that the first few weeks can be quite challenging, our two week option can be a perfect fit. Your puppy will be given a Good Start that you can build on. Puppies will be introduced to the crate. Most will be sleeping 4-5 hours at a time, some longer, without any accident. We will begin the process of potty training. Your puppy will be introduced to leash walking, name recognition, “Sit” and “down”.

Four Week Program

Total for Training: $3380 Deposit: $1000

Each level of training builds on the last. Puppies that train with Prep Your Pup for four weeks have more exposure to leash work and their basic commands are more solidified. Puppies are more comfortable with the crate at this point and are typically sleeping 6-7 hours at night. They are introduced to daytime crating and can be left in their crate for 3-4 hours during the day. Potty habits are becoming more established. Negative behaviors that often start about this age, jumping and nipping, are discouraged and we focus on correcting them. Puppies are socialized with the world around them and other puppies at training.

Six Week Program

Total for training: $4380 Deposit: $1000

Our six week program focuses on refining previously taught commands and introducing more advanced commands. Leash work becomes more refined. We begin allowing more supervised freedoms within our home to be able to reinforce good manners. As puppies mature and build confidence, negative behaviors can present themselves. We work continually to correct these and establish good behaviors into habits. We continue to use positive reinforcement, a consistent schedule and an appropriate environment to further potty training progress.

Eight Week Program

Total for training: $5380 Deposit: $1000

With an eight week training program at Prep Your Pup, your puppy will come home nearly potty trained. With a consistent schedule, you will have success. Your puppy will be walking nicely on the leash, proficient with basic commands and have good manners. You will be able to welcome your puppy to your home with the typical challenges of the first few months behind you. They will still be puppies and will require a level of supervision. Your puppy will receive the last of their “puppy shots” about this time. They will be covered by these vaccines two weeks later. The socialization the puppies receive in the safe Prep Your Pup environment will be preparing them to venture out into the world around them.

Ten Week Program

Total for training: $6380 Deposit: $1000

Ten weeks with Prep Your Pup and your puppy will come home to you ready to be a member of your family without the challenges that can come with puppyhood. At 4 1/2 months old, you puppy will be able covered by their vaccines and ready to safely explore the world with you. They will be proficient with basic commands and leash walking. Your puppy will exhibit good manners. This and the twelve week option are ideal for owners that live in environments without a yard. For puppies that will need to be walked where other dogs frequent. Your puppy will now be safe to do so.

Owner Reassurance Program

Each Phone Call $75

Whether you are a first-time puppy owner, need a quick-start refresher or just want a little reassurance this program could be a good fit for you. Schedule a phone call before you bring your puppy home. We will go over how to set up your environment to facilitate a good start, “must have” items to make your life easier, tips for travel from the breeder to your home as well as a smooth transition into your home and family. We will go over what you can expect in the first few days.
Schedule another phone call to answer questions once your puppy has been home for a few days. How to overcome the challenges that are sure to arise with a new puppy.
Need additional help? I’m only a phone call away!

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