Puppy Preparation, Welcome Your New Puppy Home in Style!

New Puppy Supply List

Find a link to all our favorite toys, beds, collars, and general care supplies!

The following link should provide you with information regarding the supplies you will need to purchase before you receive your puppy:

Affiliate Disclosure – Some links on this site are affiliate links and help support the work we put into it.  Visitors are not required to use affiliate links, but the support is much appreciated.

Sizing info:

• Wire crate (with a divider!): Petites 24”, Mini 30”, Medium 36”, and Standard 36-42”.
• Plastic crate for car travel sizing: Petites 18.96”, Mini and Mediums 24.6” and 28.01” for Standards.
• PoyPet Harness – Small for minis, medium for mediums, large for standards
• Puppia Harness- Small for petites and minis, mediums for mediums and standards. This is a nice and soft harness for puppies.
• Personalized collar – Small should fit all size puppies.

K9 Ballistics beds are the toughest ones I have used and may last through your puppy’s chewing stage.

Puppy picture
Puppy picture

Snuggle Puppies

We keep an inventory of Snuggle Puppies. These Snuggle Puppies have a heart beat and a heat source that mimics a live puppy. Your puppy is going to have some fairly sleepless nights while settling in. Snuggle Puppies have proven to lessen the stress by giving the impression your puppy is snuggling up with a litter mate. They are $40 and we donate the proceeds of the Snuggle Puppies to the Humane Society of Morgan County.

How to order a Snuggle Puppy

1. Pay electronically here: https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/110239  and forward me the receipt that you automatically receive to info@goldendoodles.net. *Note: your order will not be complete until you forward us the confirmation receipt!

2. Mail a check made payable to HSMC to 740 Mauzy Rd., Berkeley Springs, WV 25411.

snuggle puppy
snuggle puppy

Wash N Zip Pet Bed

Fully Washable Pet Bed! – https://washnzippetbed.com/

We have used and recommend The Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed.  This bed is unlike any other dog bed we’ve seen for these reasons:

  • Easily and entirely launderable

  • Multiple uses (dog bed, crate pad, furniture throw, blanket, car seat cover)

  • No annoying cover to remove…just unzip and throw in the washer

  • Aids with flea & odor prevention

  • Good value for the price

We HIGHLY recommend considering their Puppy Proofer to help deter your pup from the temptation of gnawing on the zipper and bed corners.

The owners/inventors, Stan and Jennifer, have provided our clients a special 15% discount code to use…enter FOX in the coupon code box of their website shopping cart, or they are happy to take your order over the phone (407-454-1167). They donate $5 to rescue groups for each bed purchase and are a small home-based family business!

Kuranda Beds – We use these! They are indestructible!

Elevated pet beds –https://kuranda.com/?partner=27431

Kuranda’s elevated dog beds are a great relief for dogs’ joints. The cot-style design evenly distributes their weight so that there are no pressure points like they would have on the ground.
No more sore hips, elbows or shoulders from the pressure of the hard ground.
Engineered Chew Proof

Kuranda’s patented design secures the fabric inside a special channel in the frame making it totally inaccessible to dogs that chew.
Pair with a scratch-resistant fabric and you have a chew proof bed. Guaranteed for 1 full year.

ellie pups
ellie pups

Order Dog Food

Please read the info below fully before placing an order
Affiliate Disclosure – Some links on this site are affiliate links and help support the work we put into it.  Visitors are not required to use affiliate links, but the support is much appreciated.

Your puppy will be used to eating a mixture of proteins in their dry kibble to ensure they are getting all the benefits different proteins can provide. Dogs also enjoy a variety of food! Your puppy will be eating 2 different proteins with PawTree dry food. The two proteins are pawTree Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe and pawTree Salmon & Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe. These foods are not available in retail stores. They are organic foods which contain no dyes, preservatives, by-products, GMO’s, corn, soy, or gluten and all products are produced in the USA. They are the highest quality foods we have found. You can order kibble online and it will be delivered to your home. It is recommended that you buy a bag of each and mix them together. We also recommend the Core 4 supplements to keep your puppy healthy during the critical growth stages during the first year.

Please take time to watch this 15 minute video made to help you understand the importance of proactive pet parenting and how to double your standard 2 year genetic defect warranty to 4 years prior to placing your order by using the Core 4 products preventatively. The Gastro Pro Plus in the Core 4 will help your puppy avoid the stress-induced diarrhea from the transition from us to you.

We have created an account for you using the email address you provided on your application to purchase your puppy. Because orders can take up to 2 weeks to arrive, please place your order at least 3 weeks before your puppy comes home to you to ensure you have food available upon your puppy’s arrival by following these steps:

  • Sign in as a new customer using the email address provided on your application.  If you wish to place an order using a different email, please contact us so we can get your account updated to that email address. You will need to create a password for your account.

  • Choose the menu item “My Recommendations”. There you will find two lists of the things we feel are essential to have before you receive your puppy.

It is suggested that you continue feeding these high quality foods throughout the life of your puppy/dog. If you decide you would like to change brands, it is recommended that you allow your puppy to settle into its new home without transitioning the food it is used to eating for the first month.

During crate training, your puppy will need to see the crate as a rewarding and positive experience. We recommend the pawTree Snailed It! to put blended banana, apple, pumpkin, 1/2 cup of kibble, and anything else that your dog might like in these snails and freeze it. This will be a blessing for you. It is certainly a MUST have.

Two important notes when ordering from pawTree: For the most economical purchase, choose the Core 4 for medium dogs as it will give you 60 days of supplements instead of 30 days for small dogs. Use INTRO4U10 promo code to get 10% off your first order that is under $100 or INTRO4U20 to get 20% off your first order that is over $100. To get free shipping on everything including your dog food, you have to set up an EZ ship and it must include at least 3 non-food items. The Core 4 with your kibble qualifies for free shipping. Set the frequency for 50 days. For your next order, don’t delete the EZ ship if it has items you don’t need for that order. Simply remove the unneeded items and add something in its place to keep three non-food items in the order. Each dollar spent on EZ ship orders earns you a point and points can be used to make future purchases on the website. You can always use another bag of treats to make that third item to get free shipping!