Videos Created by Amy Lane and Kelsey Painter to help you prepare for the arrival of your puppy

These videos have been prepared to answer the typical questions that are covered when families come to pick up their puppy. If you have remaining questions after reviewing each video, please send those questions via email so they can be addressed prior to you receiving your puppy. Our FAQ page answers many questions a new puppy owner may have sp please don’t forget to check it out. Additionally, we have a BLOG with articles we regularly publish based on questions our owners ask us.

RESOURCE GUARDING – Click here for information on resource guarding and how to eliminate or avoid this issue.

The FAQ page will answer many common questions.

FCF requires all its puppies to be spayed/neutered before they turn 12 months of age and requires proof be supplied from your vet. You will be reminded of this when your 6 and 12 month survey is sent to you. Failure to provide the spay/neuter certificate voids your 2 year genetic defect warranty. Please keep FCF apprised of any email address changes to ensure you receive this reminder.

Recommended Reading

Amy Lane of Fox Creek Farms was a contributor to this book.

It is a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand for those unexpected and unplanned times when there is an injury. Here are links to lists of supplies to have on hand:

These are comprehensive pet safety guides that will help you prepare your home for your puppy, learn about poison prevention, etc.