All puppies are $4000 regardless of breed, color, gender or size. We allocate puppies to families based on temperament and size when they are 7 weeks of age. Therefore, we will not know which one is available until then. When you place a deposit, it will be for one of the puppies in your gender preference to be determined at a later date.

Available Goldendoodle & Bernedoodle Puppies


Charli’s litter of 9 mini Goldendoodles arrived on 2/28 and are ready for their new homes on 4/25! We only have 2 female spots available in the litter. The expected size is 25-35 lbs.



Millie’s litter of 13 arrived on 3/7! We only have a few female spots open. The estimated size is 36-50 lbs (Medium Goldendoodles) and they are ready for their new homes 5/2, just in time for spring weather!


Planned Litters

Although our upcoming litters are posted below for your viewing pleasure, we operate off a master waiting list instead of a litter waiting list for many reasons. We do not know how many puppies or what genders we are expecting until the litter arrives. Therefore, we do not know which litter will reach your name until the litter arrives and we know what we have. It is hard to put applications into litter lists when the litter does not yet exist! We are also in the hands of Mother Nature and can sometimes miss the pregnancy.

As litters arrive and we know genders and colors, we will start at the top of the waiting list and pull out applications in the order of which they were received. You will receive an email notification when your name is reached with a picture of the newborns, go home date, estimated size, and other info. From there, you can accept on the litter or wait.


Summer is due for a litter of medium/standard Goldendoodles. In her previous litter with Tanner there were some 45+ lbs and others 35-45 lbs. We are expecting red, golden/apricot and blonde/cream colors.


Brooklynn is due for a litter of petite Goldendoodles in the 20-25 lb range. We are expecting red, golden/apricot, and parti colors.


Piper and Phinley will have a litter of medium Goldendoodles in the 35-45 lb range. We are expecting red and golden/apricot colors with white markings a possibility.


Taffy and Gunnar will have a litter of mini Goldendoodles in the 20-30 lb range. We are expecting red and golden/apricot colors with white markings a possibility.

The Process

Applicants are placed on a master list vs a litter list. When a litter arrives, families are selected in the order of which applications are received. Your placement in litters will determine your status on the waiting list and how flexible you are on gender and color. If you are highly specific on your criteria, it could take longer to match you with a litter. If you are flexible on gender and color, your wait may only be 2-3 months or shorter, but we cannot guarantee timing.

To reserve a puppy in our upcoming litters, please apply with the link below. Once approved, we will ask that you send a $500 application fee to join the waiting list. This fee is non-refundable. Once a litter arrives that has a puppy for you, we will reach out to you via email to receive your confirmation and request a $1500 Litter Commitment Fee. This is non-refundable and non-transferable, but is applied towards the final balance of your puppy. We feel it’s essential to make sure our puppies go home on time and are able to bond with their families and enjoy the remainder of their socialization period in their loving homes. Having families that switch from one litter to another litter means a puppy may not find it’s permanent home by the time the rest of their littermates go home. In the interest of ensuring as much stability for our puppies as possible, we have a litter commitment fee due when you commit to a specific litter to help us ensure families are committed to taking home their puppy.