Available Goldendoodle & Bernedoodle Puppies

Litters Arriving Every Month in 2024

Maddy & Gunnar

Maddy’s puppies arrived on 2/21 and will be ready for their new homes 4/14!

Maddy is 40 lbs and Gunnar is 30 lbs. We are expecting puppies to be 35-40 lbs. The puppies will have a wavy/straight coat. They are shades of red/golden in color. We are accepting applications! Male spots only available at this time. Apply below or email info@goldendoodles.net if you’re interested!

Planned Litters

Goldendoodle Puppies Available Soon!

We are accepting applications for litters arriving in 2024. Although photos and info of our upcoming litters are posted here for your viewing pleasure, we operate off a master waiting list instead of a litter waiting list for many reasons. We do not know how many puppies, or what genders we are expecting until the litter arrives. Therefore, we do not know which litter your name will reach until the litter arrives and we know what we have. It is hard to put applications into a litter list, when the litter does not yet exist! We are also in the hands of mother nature, and can sometimes miss the pregnancy. Our puppies are $4,000 plus 6% sales tax.

Adopting our puppies is simple:

1. Apply for a puppy: by clicking the ‘apply’ button and completing the form.

2. Approval: We’ll send you an approval email after reviewing your application. Please wait 24-48 hours for your approval email. After you apply, we can have multiple conversations to help guide you through this exciting process.

3. Pay your $500 non-refundable deposit: This goes towards your purchase and secures your spot after you receive the approval email. It is important that you pay your deposit right after receiving our approval email because we hold spots based on the date and time of your paid deposit only.

4. Choose from upcoming litters: After you’ve paid your deposit, we’ll notify you when your name is reached in a litter, send photos of the newborn puppies, and schedule your pickup date if we have a puppy for you in a current litter. We understand things come up and do allow you to pass on a current or upcoming litter if you choose. Passing simply pushes you down to the next available litter that reaches your name. Once you’ve committed to a litter, we request that you secure your commitment with a $1500 deposit so we can accommodate you fairly.

5. Prepare for your new puppy: Order supplies and read our website on puppy preparation and training to understand what to expect and what is needed.

6. Pick up your puppy: At 8 weeks old, you get to pick up your new puppy or arrange delivery.

Get Your Puppy Faster!

Remember, being flexible about color and coat type helps you get your perfect puppy from us sooner! We honestly believe the right puppy will come to you with their own unique features for you to love. Health and temperament are our biggest concerns as an ethical breeder; we don’t breed for color as this is just aesthetics. You can certainly provide us with your preferences, but we require some flexibility, ie: providing us with at least two colors that would satisfy you.

Why a Waiting List?

As a responsible and ethical breeder, we prioritize the well-being of our puppies. We start breeding only when at least five families are eagerly waiting, which means most, if not all, puppies will have a loving home from the start. Our Goldendoodle mamas often surprise us with more than five puppies, allowing us to bring joy to additional families on our waitlist. Occasionally, we have larger-than-expected litters, offering the chance for immediate adoption. However, due to our reputation as ethical breeders, these opportunities are rare but always filled with excitement and love.

Joining the Fox Creek Farm Family

When you adopt a Goldendoodle puppy from us, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re joining a warm and welcoming community of fellow Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodle lovers. As part of our extended family, you can connect, share experiences, and receive support through our exclusive Facebook group. This vibrant community is great for celebrating your puppy’s milestones, seeking advice, and staying connected with your puppy’s siblings and other Goldendoodle families. Welcome to a world filled with wagging tails and unconditional love!

What Does My Deposit Cover?

Don’t worry; the $500 application deposit fee you pay goes towards purchasing your puppy. It is non-refundable because we are going to a great extent to breed a living animal that requires a lot more time and money than this deposit will even cover. As ethical breeders, we go above and beyond to provide the best for your Goldendoodle puppy. While this deposit is non-refundable, it represents a small part of our commitment to excellence. Ethical breeding is very expensive, and we need your dedication and commitment to continue providing the best well-bred Goldendoodle puppies in the United States.

Charli & Hank

Charli is due 3/12 for a litter of mini Goldendoodles ready to go home early May!

Charli is confirmed pregnant! Charli is 35 lbs and Hank is 23 lbs. We are expecting puppies to be 25-35 lbs. All of the puppies will have a wavy/straight coat like the parents. We are expecting red, golden, blonde, and parti colors. We are accepting applications!

Allie & Oliver

Allie is due 3/30 for a litter of mini Goldendoodles ready to go home late May!

Her pregnancy is not confirmed. Allie is 32 lbs and Oliver is 30 lbs. We are expecting puppies to be 30-35 lbs. All of the puppies will have a wavy/straight coat like the parents. We are expecting red, golden, and blonde colors. We are accepting applications!

Rose & Bennett

Rose is due 4/16 for a litter of petite Golden Mountain Doodles (Goldendoodle x Bernedoodle) ready to go home mid June!

Her pregnancy is not confirmed. Rose is 16 lbs and Bennett is 26 lbs. We are expecting the puppies to be under 25 lbs. All of the puppies will have a wavy/straight coat like the parents. Each puppy will either be black, red/cream or parti in either of those colors. We are accepting applications!