Kathy Santo Dog Training for Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles

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A few months ago, a friend asked if I would find her a puppy, choose it from the litter, and help her train it, even though she lives a few states away, and the BREEDER lives even farther from me than that.

It needed to be the perfect puppy for her and her family, and they wanted her to be extremely well trained as this puppy was to become a service dog!

Now I’m not new to the online space. I’ve had a course for years, because I wanted people to learn how to teach basic manners and commands to their puppies and dogs (even if they didn’t have access to my school).

But this was different.

Could I choose a puppy from a litter via Zoom (thanks, Covid) and then give her the same puppy training-raising-support experience from afar as she would get with me in person?

And the answer was “Yes” and “Yes”, so I said:


I’m Kathy Santo, and as you might know, I’ve been training dogs and competing in dog sports for over 35 years. I own/manage my 16,000 sq. ft. facility in NJ, where myself and my team train 400-500 puppies and dogs a WEEK. I’m also an author (‘Kathy Santo’s Dog Sense” Knopf/Random House), a columnist (AKC Family Dog and House Beautiful), and AKC.TV’s Master Trainer. I have a podcast (“Kathy Santo’s Dog Sense”), I train my own dogs to compete in dog sports, I do radio and television appearances, and I’ve been married for 35 years and have two lovely adult children.

So I clearly have a lot of free time on my hands. 😂

But let’s get back to my friend: I chose the puppy, she picked it up, and now we’re a few weeks into her training the puppy of her and her family’s dreams (did I mention it’s her FIRST puppy??).

Want to know how it’s going?

Watch Julie’s Testimonial Video Here: https://youtu.be/PxNwFALcxEs

She is 100% winning in the ‘raising and training a puppy’ category!

And you know what? I won something, too.

Because through this experience, I gained even more insight into what virtual puppy owners truly need to succeed:

  • What’s important to them NOW vs what can wait
  • What type of training transfers seamlessly from the in-person experience at my school, and what doesn’t
  • AND how to change it up so it DOES!

When a student comes to my school for their first lesson, there’s already a LOT of overwhelm. Between caring for their new puppy, searching through all the (mostly incorrect) information on the web, and trying to take online courses that have so much information that they need a personal assistant to take it FOR them and give them notes, they’re usually on the verge of tears, OR they say “I didn’t sign up for this!”

This is where my experience of training tens of thousands of dogs IN PERSON comes in handy. I’m on the ground, in the trenches, and I know what they need.

Because of that, my online students are:

  • Having success with their puppies
  • Spending quality time with the puppy vs hours online
  • Teaching commands and solving behavior challenges quickly and easily!

My goal is for puppy owners to spend time with their PUPPIES, and not trying to fit in hours of online learning, combing through excessive information that creates frustration and overwhelm. I see it every day at the school, when new students come in and talk about *their* experiences with online courses. Instead of helping them, the courses discourage them.

That’s why my online course mirrors my in-person training system: Easy to follow, proven-to-work, with step-by-step instructions. Whether you prefer to learn via video or audio or written sheets, it’s all in there! It’s everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.

I’m super excited to share this course with you. Here’s a peek inside:




GoodHousekeeping.com’s “Pet Expert”

AKC.TV’s Master Trainer

AKC Family Dog Columnist “Training and Behavior”

Author: Kathy Santo’s Dog Sense (Knopf)

House Beautiful Magazine Contributing Editor/Columnist “Ask The Dog Shrink” (2005-09)

About Kathy Santo:

Kathy Santo (IACP CDT, CDTA, PDTI, CCAS) is owner, CEO, and Head Trainer of Kathy Santo Dog Training, Inc. in Waldwick, New Jersey.

Kathy is a published author and an accomplished AKC Obedience Competitor as well as a guest on major media outlets and other publications.

Since 1984, Kathy Santo Dog Training has been dedicated to helping individuals and families enjoy better relationships with their dogs, to help develop wonderful dogs that people enjoy having in their presence. Tens of thousands of dogs and their humans have benefited from Kathy’s proven methods in dog training, and her fun-filled approach to both online and in person development.


During the national tour for her book, ‘Kathy Santo’s Dog Sense’, Kathy made TV appearances on the Today Show, Fox and Friends, CNN, CBS Early Show, Diane Rehm’s NPR Show, and was featured as a regular guest on the Martha Stewart Show.

She’s also created a puppy training video series for IAMS, has written articles for Good Housekeeping as well as being a contributing editor/columnist for House Beautiful’s ‘Ask The Dog Shrink’. Since 2007, Kathy has been the AKC Family Dog’s “Behavior and Training” columnist.

In addition to teaching at her school, she also works with AKC.TV to create training videos, and she makes regular appearances on AKC.TV’s ‘Ask The Expert’, and has been given the title of AKC’s “Master Trainer”.

Competitive Titles:

Kathy has earned the prestigious “Obedience Trial Champion” title several times over and has competed at the national level for more than a decade.

Online Training

Kathy Santo Dog Training has been a leader in online/virtual training for more than a decade. Kathy offers multiple online training courses with the primary goal being to help pet owners who can’t attend her in-school sessions but still require high-level instruction and training. Kathy’s strength in online and virtual training helped her dog school succeed and thrive during the Covid pandemic, ensuring that students continued to receive the training they and their puppies/dogs needed during a difficult time.

Training Facility:

Kathy Santo Dog Training, Inc. has training facilities in North Jersey and Colorado. The company’s primary facility is located in Waldwick, NJ where they enjoy nearly 13,000 square feet of indoor training space as well as outdoor turf fields. The facility has a boutique-style grooming shop, an underwater treadmill for rehab and conditioning work, and much more!