Goldendoodle Puppy Delivery at Fox Creek Farm

Fox Creek Farm Puppy Delivery Services

We offer puppy delivery by car up to a 5-hour radius of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Many times, costs can be reduced when we have multiple puppies going in the same direction. Puppies will travel in a secured crate inside the vehicle with the driver. We can sometimes arrange for puppies to be delivered by plane with a white glove puppy delivery service; note that this service is not always available due to location, flight nanny availability, or airline regulations. Our closest airport is Washington Dulles and we have drivers for hire to meet you at the airport if you choose to fly in and out.

We regularly deliver puppies by car or flight nanny to the following states:

Supplies and info you will need when driving or flying with a puppy:

  • Canvas Sherpa bag, FAA approved if flying
  • A few toys
  • Water bowl
  • Small baggie of kibble (we will give guidance on the type/brand)
  • Collar/leash
  • Paper towels
  • A few pee pads (to keep your puppy from walking on public areas when eliminating such as in a family style bathroom at the airport)
  • Health Certificate if flying (we take care of this with our vet, cost is approximately $100)
  • You book the flight for you both ways and for your puppy on the return flight.

If you are traveling more than a few hours to pick up your puppy by car, you will need the same supplies mentioned above less the health certificate and plane tickets and add a towel. A plastic or wire crate will be appropriate, so there is no need to purchase a Sherpa travel bag. It is always nice to have another person riding in the back seat next to the puppy to help keep him/her entertained. It can be quite distracting for the driver to hear a crying, whining puppy and not be able to tend to it safely while concentrating on driving. Your puppy will need some breaks from travel approximately every 2-3 hours to give him/her time to potty. If stopping at a rest stop, there is always a sign stating where dogs are to be walked. We suggest you ignore those signs as you need to help your puppy avoid walking in areas of high dog traffic. Find a grassy area away from traffic and other dogs to allow your puppy to eliminate without lots of distractions.

Keep in mind that not all puppies travel easily from day one. Many puppies have to be conditioned to the feel of travel and it is common for puppies to vomit. If this is the case with your puppy, offer water at travel breaks, but no food. If your puppy is traveling without issues, then you can use pieces of kibble as treats during the trip to entertain him/her. Also, please understand if using the car delivery service that your puppy was freshly bathed prior to leaving our care. It is difficult to keep a puppy spotlessly clean during travel since our delivery driver travels alone.

If your puppy does not travel well from the beginning, you will want to help condition your puppy by taking him/her on a 2-3 minute car ride daily for the first week. Increase it to 5-10 minutes daily the second week. Always have someone riding in the back seat to calm the puppy during these conditioning rides. Making these trips fun and inviting is the key to removing the anxiety your puppy experiences when getting in the car. If you continue with these conditioning sessions, your puppy will soon be happy to jump in the car to accompany you wherever you go!