mini goldendoodle jumping in airVisitation Policy

We appreciate your interest in our puppies and are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all our dogs and puppies. For a variety of reasons, we have established a strict no-visitation policy.

Reasons for our No-Visitation Policy

Fox Creek Farm utilizes the Guardian Home Program for our parent dogs. This means the parent dogs live with their guardian families and only come back to us for a short period of time to give birth and care for their puppies. Therefore, they are only with us when they have their puppies and they are not interested in new visitors being close to their newborns. To ensure the mental and physical well being of our dogs, the mama dogs are not available to be seen during this sensitive time.
Young puppies are highly vulnerable to diseases. Minimizing outside contact is crucial during their early weeks of life to protect them from potentially life-threatening illnesses. Visitors, even those with good intentions, can unknowingly bring in harmful pathogens. We also do not, under any circumstance, allow visitors to hold or play with a puppy who already belongs to another family. It is our job to keep your puppy safe and for this reason, puppies are not available to be seen.
You are allowed to come here on the designated puppy pick up day to pick up your puppy and meet us in person. The puppy pick up room is thoroughly sanitized before and after your appointment. The parent dogs are not available for meeting because they are back home with their guardian family and you will only be interacting with your puppy.

Alternative Ways to Connect

Although we do not allow in-person visits, we understand the importance of transparency and connection so here are ways you can stay informed and connected.
You can schedule a call with Kelsey to answer any of your questions at We are also happy to assist with a virtual call as time permits. Please email Kelsey at to schedule a virtual call.
We provide regular updates via photos and emails to keep you informed about the growth and development of the puppies. We send photos and puppy prep information at 2, 4 and 6-7 weeks of age.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our breeding practices, the puppies, and their parents. Detailed information about the parent dogs, including health clearances is available to be seen on the available puppies page.

Thank you for your understanding of our visitation policy.

Fox Creek farm Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles