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Read What Our Customers Have To Say
Hi Amy,

I just came back from my daily walk with Milligan, and had to drop you a note.  I just wanted to tell you again about the joy that Milligan is bringing to our lives...
Not only is he gorgeous, but he is friendly, well-behaved and loved by everyone he meets.  He loves other dogs and romps with his buddies often in our backyard.  Our older son likes to walk him along with a friend and his friend's tiny seven month old Cavapoo - it s the cutest sight!

Milligan will be starting his 3rd training course on Friday, which is called "walk around town" where we will continue to work on his awesome manners and enjoy making some new friends.

His only vice is the occasional paper napkin :)  and of course stealing socks so you will play with him.  He is playful, loving, and has brought more happiness to ourfamily in 18 months than we could ever imagine.

Thank you for all the care and expertise that you put toward breeding these wonderful companions.

May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving season...we are certainly grateful for Milligan!

We will send you a picture of him over the holidays, since he will surely be in our Christmas card picture :)

Take care,

Holly Folgia
Hi Amy,
It is hard to believe that our little puppy is almost 6 mos old. I am attaching the completed survey and a few pictures (we have a slew of them) of Echo. You did a super job when it came to selecting a puppy for our family...much appreciated. Also, our vet and office staff were so impressed with the paperwork that was given to us regarding Echo. They stated how "refreshing" it was to receive such detailed paperwork from the breeder.


Cathie Rienzo
Hi Amy,

My husband, who loves dogs, was hestitant to get a dog because he was worried it would change our lives (wait until we have kids!).  I made the decision to get Delheim hoping my husband would fall in love and knowing that I would.  My husband is obsessed and can't imagine life without our puppy.  My husband I are very impressed with Delheim's intelligence, disposition, and all his silly antics.  My husband now appreciates good breeding adn is regularly singing praises for you.  Amy, I can't express enough how good Delheim is.  He was pretty much house trained when we got him and after a few weeks, there were no more accidents.  He loves his toys and only chews them.  He is very easy to teach and already knows many commands and tricks.  He loves people, other animals, and most definitely water.  He is also very calm which always impresses people when we visit them at their homes - he always gets a return invite.  We walk around town in Annapolis regularly.  It takes forever to go a short distance because we get stopped so often - people even stop their cars to ask about him.  Clearly, I can go on and on.  We are very thankful to have such a sweet, loving dog.

Cassie Vasco and Troy Laskoski
Hi Amy,

3 1/2 years later, I wanted to once again thank you for pairing us with Biscuit.  He is an amazing dog in every respect (and quite beautiful), and my request to you of a mild mannered pup came true (often I think of him as the sanest one in the family!).

As luck would have it, we have close friends who independently got a dog from your farm.  One of those dogs is Zoe (Karen Portik's) who recently spent a week at our house with brother Biscuit (Levi was dad to both) and had her birthday at our house.  Karen also encouraged me to send you a photo of Biscuit catching a frisbee.  I know I can always trust Biscuit with any child...he is patient, wise, and out smarts me--especially when food is involved!  And he is such a happy guy...we are a happier family thanks to Biscuit, and our son, Jonah considers the day of picking up Biscuit at your farm as the most important day of his life.  

Best wishes always,
Roberta Glass

P.s. When we with travel with Biscuit, people often want a picture of him.  My favorite comment was a man in Tennessee, "he looks like a Golden Retriever with a Perm."
Hi Amy,
I thought you might like to see a recent photo of Malley Butler and have an update on her.  We love her so much.  She’s doing great, sleeping in her crate through the night, going to work with me every day, playing with her doggie pals, and loving everyone she meets. She’s incredibly good natured, and is going to be a natural therapy dog.  She’s already going with me to my mom’s assisted living facility, and she loves to be held by the residents there (covers them with kisses!).  Everyone in the office adores her, and clients are even bringing her presents!  She is delightful, and we couldn’t be happier.  Even her vet says she’s the cutest dog she’s ever seen!  She even went for her first groom session a few days ago (at 11 weeks of age) and the groomer said she did great.  What’s more, she learned to swim in the river last weekend!  She’s smart, friendly, athletic, AND cute!

Thanks so much for breeding the perfect dog for us!

Best regards, 

Dear Amy,

Thank you so much for your help with Sunny.  She is a wonderful dog and we are so happy with her.  Thank you for being so attentive to our requests regarding her general characterists like coat, general personality and size.

I have to say that the process of getting her was very clear and simple and I really appreciated that.  Your website is also really great and helped
us prepare for our "little girl".

I was a little concerned with the initial expense but in hindsight, considering what a wonderful dog she is, the fact that we don't have allergy issues, that she was about half waythe las
to being house trained on arrival, and that we have you and your website and experience as resources, she has been worth every penny and more.

We have met several other mini golden doodles that you helped breed including a half sister of Sunny's.  The consistency of the the personalities of these dogs is amazing.  All great animals.  We have made many human and dog friends in
t year through Sunny.

Thanks again and good luck to you.


Josh Brenner
Amy. I just wanted to write you a quick note now that we've had Brady for a year to let you know how thrilled we are with him. First of all he is beautiful. He's 33 pounds and has a beautiful golden coat. We have people stop us all the time to ask us what breed he is. Brady is so affectionate. He loves to cuddle with us. He's got a great, very outgoing, loving personality. He is a little mischievous but for the most part it's in a fun way. We were told that Levi did too so we're not surprised. Happy new year and thank you for breeding such a great dog for us!

Rob Miller

P.S.  We recommend you to anyone who asks us where we got Brady!
Dear Amy,
I don't know if you remember me and my daughter, but we were  lucky enough to be able to meet you and inherit a new family member, ie Amber. I can't begin to describe what a loving and docile doodle she is. As the months progress, it is so fantastic to see how she has even further become more and more comfortable and playful with us.  Not to be goofy, but words can't describe how much she means to all of us. 
Further, she is so intuitive, that she responds and interacts with each of us in a unique way.  She has forever changed me , and I am very grateful.
My husband, daughter, and I are so thankful for her. And I am so appreciative of  your kindness with us when we visited you and you let us "try her out"...crate and all.  We have told countless people to only go to you for a puppy, and I apologize if we have inundated you, but the best is the best. 
I applaud you not just for the quality of doodle you produce, but the humane and ethical way in which you love and care for your dogs and their potential future families. 
I hope that you will never need this offer, but my husband and I are physicians in Baltimore. Should you require any  assistance or have questions, I will be happy to assist in any way I/we can.
Further, if you ever need a home for one of your beloved older doodles, I will be happy to have a playmate for Amber.
My best to you and your family for a peaceful, healthy, and Happy New Year!!
Miley is the most wonderful dog I have ever had.  Everyone loves her.  She is so cute and soft.  People frequently describe her as a "happy" dog - she is alwasy playful and in a great mood.  She plays well with dogs of all sizes and types, and she is wonderful with people of all ages.  She is very calm (a lot of people don't know she's so young because she acts so mature, eventhough very playful and affectionate).  She isn't afraid to do anything with us, and she goes to work with me every day.

Julia Butler
Hi Amy!

I hope all is well with you at Fox Creek. Wellington is doing extremely well here in Staten Island and is still the most famous dog in our neighborhood. A woman stopped her car to tell Josh that Wellington is such a beautiful dog and "belongs in a magazine." He's so famous that we are just known as "Wellington's family," and we belong to him, not the other way around. 

I was thinking about bringing another doodle into our extended family in the next year. My parents and brother are considering another dog and they LOVE Wellie so much. Do you have plans to have Logan sire for 2015? 

Emails from Fox Creek Farm Customers
I would highly recommend a Goldendoodle for a pet!  I wanted a dog that loves to be around people and is cuddly.  Rudi is all of this!  She follows me from room to room and just wantes to be around me.  She is well behaved and responds well to training.  She is very playful.  She is a beautiful dog with a perfectly balanced face and beautiful features.  Her coat is apricot with some light red red and some lighter hair on her legs.  Her coat is so silky, thick, and luxurious.  Everywhere we go, people comment on how cute she is.  We love how friendly she is with people and otehr dogs.  Overall, she has a happy disposition. 

I can't say enough how helpful Amy Lane has been throughout the whole process of getting a pet.  She has been and still is available to answer any of our questions.  She gave us such peace of mind as we were entering into the world of dog ownership.  We felt extremely prepared bringing our puppy home thanks to Amy.  She truly cares about these pups and wants their owners to be as prepared as possible.  She made it very easy!  Her advice is "spot on" and so valuable. 

Thank you for all of your time you have spent with us throughout this process!  We truly appreciate it.  Rudi has been such a joyful addition to our family!  We love her so much and are so thankful we found Fox Creek Farms.  You made this transition fo us so easy.  Thank you!

Karen Morrone
We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. ( ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!