Wyatt, a multigen medium Goldendoodle, is out of Campbell and by Levi.  He has earned the following certifications: Puppy Obedience (Tecla's K-9 Academy), Basic Obedience (AKC), Good Canine Citizenship (AKC), Rally I (Tecla's K-9Academy), Nosework I & II (Coventry School for Dogs), Wonder Dog (advanced obedience at Coventry School for Dogs), Super Dog (advanced obedience at Coventry School for Dogs), Therapy Dog at NCTD, Inc.   He will now start agility training.
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We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator and producer of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. (www.GoldendoodleAssociation.com ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!

The rally instructor said that I should consider competing with him. Quote -"He's not fast or flashy, but very consistent". We're going on to Rally II.

We went back to Dewey Beach this past weekend because we had so much fun at the Dewey Romp.

Thank you so much for this wonderful dog - I absolutely LOVE him!

Kathy Brown
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