Our love for animals began with horses. We have been breeding, raising, training, and showing quality horses for many disciplines for 30 years. Through our experiences, we have learned to capture the best qualities of one breed and blend them with the best qualities of another breed to achieve the "best of both worlds".

Eventually, our attention turned to dogs and we began breeding AKC Golden Retrievers for health, temperament, and conformation.  We became involved with Labradoodles through a long-time friend. We were very intrigued by the "new" breed and the interest it was stirring around the world.  Labrador Retrievers are wonderful dogs, but our first love is still the Golden Retriever.  We couldn't stop wondering what a Golden/Poodle cross would look like.  The desire to find out became a reality with the first litter.  These beautiful pups had gentle personalities and gorgeous coats with a look all their own.  Once again, we felt we had achieved the "best of both worlds."  We were weaning a litter of Labradoodles for our friend and were arranging for their new owners to pick up their new puppies.  As these families began arriving, we also showed them the Goldendoodle pups.  Half of the families who came to pick up a Labradoodle changed their mind and took a Goldendoodle puppy instead.  This is not to discredit the wonderful Labradoodle breed, but to put Goldendoodles on the map as another option for those who suffer from allergies but love the gentle tempernment of the Golden Retriever. 
Fox Creek Farm's Mission

Our mission has always been to produce the ideal family dog that is good with children of all ages and other animals. We are blessed in that we are able to make a living doing what we love. It is imperative to us that we produce puppies only from the healthiest, happiest dogs as we are sending these puppies out into the world as a representation of the work we do here at Fox Creek Farm. Our quest to continue producing the highest quality Goldendoodles also includes the
development of the multi-generational Goldendoodle. It is our hope that we can produce Goldendoodles that we can guarantee do not shed at all. We are close, but not quite there.

Hybrid vigor is a benefit of better health when crossing two unrelated breeds.  This strengthens the genes in the offspring, but only if the parent dogs are free and clear of health issues that can be multiplied when bred together. I am many times asked if the hybrid vigor is lost when producing deeper generations in the Goldendoodle breed. Hybrid vigor is maintained as long as completely unrelated lines of health tested and certified dogs are bred together. As our development of the multigen Goldendoodle progresses, be assured that Fox Creek Farm never crosses lines of related dogs.

We take pride in the quality lines we have produced. The joy we have been able to bring to families searching for that "once in a life time" dog is a huge part of the payment we receive for what we do. We work 365 days a year regardless of the holiday or the weather. Our furry "children" expect food, a clean environment, and loving
attention everyday. It is a rare occasion that we even think about the prospect of a traditional vacation, one where both David and I leave our home in search of relaxation in some far away place. We are fortunate to live in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, a place where many others come to spend their vacation. Therefore, we are available 7 days a week to answer questions and give support to all our past, current, and future customers.

We hope you will find that Fox Creek Farm stands above the rest in the quality of puppies we produce, the experience
we offer, the cleanliness of our facility, and the availability of communications before, during, and after the purchase of your puppy. Most every litter we produce has a puppy going to a repeat customer.  We look forward to working with you to provide you with that perfect puppy!

Evening treat time at Fox Creek Farm!
Callie, Daisy, and Dexter (all siblings)
are our resident puppy sitters. They
spend most of their time playing with
puppies, snuggling up with them, or
sharing their food!
Growing up on a farm, the cats know
warmth and safety come from staying
close to a dog.
Gus, our original Golden Retriever stud.
Goldendoodles are the pefect companion  for an only child.
Amy at 18 mos. with her puppy, Kerriblue. It is hard to find a
childhood picture without a dog, cat, or pony in it. All children
should grow up with animals as there are many lessons in life that
can be taught better by animals. Growing up without a dog is like
going to school where there are no teachers.
Life on a farm!
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We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. (www.GoldendoodleAssociation.com ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!