Have you ever wondered what that slimy substance is in the bottom of your dog’s water bowl? Biofilm is a nasty glue-like substance that builds up in your dog’s water bowl and other surfaces. It has an offensive smell to pets, and makes your pet not want to drink their water. This can cause urinary tract infections and lead to dehydration. Accumulation of Biofilm in your dog’s water bowl can also cause dental disease, systemic inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic kidney disease in pets.

Due to its glue-like slime, Biofilm is not something that can be rinsed out. Most pet owners give their dog fresh water everyday, but what is really needed to keep Biofilm out is for the bowl to be wiped out everyday with a rag or brush daily when you give fresh water. You will probably find that you won’t be able to completely eliminate seeing this substance in the water bowl from time to time. A dog’s mouth excretes chemicals naturally and creates a perfect environment for Biofilm to build up.

As for the type of bowl to use, we do not recommend plastic. We recommend stainless steel or ceramic bowls for food and water. Water fountains that keep the water moving and filtered are also a great option.

Stay hydrated!!