Welcome to puppy parenthood! Now that you’ve picked a great puppy, it’s time to set your family up for success with the right training program. At Biscuit, we take a trainer led and hands-on approach – giving you and your puppy personalized, expert guidance that is simple and highly effective. Our clients love our prescriptive approach – weekly private virtual training sessions paired with mid-week progress check-ins, as well as regular trainer feedback on all client uploaded video assignments. We go beyond DIY videos and one size fits all training programs to deliver tailored advice when and where you need it most! Biscuit’s puppy training and raising curriculum is not about teaching your puppy how to sit or roll over, it’s about building life skills that foster healthy, happy, and positive behaviors to give you and your puppy the companionship you both deserve!

Visit us at www.biscuittraining.com to learn more!