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Buying a Trained Goldendoodle: Expectations vs Reality

Can you buy a trained Goldendoodle? Yes! If you are looking to find a dog who’s already trained and one of the best breeds, a trained Goldendoodle is a perfect fit. Finding fully trained Goldendoodles for sale is a treat for any level of experienced dog owner. Being overwhelmed by the craziness of young puppies is totally normal, but it should not stop you! Buying pre-trained dogs for sale is a great way to mitigate these concerns and enjoy puppies at a young age with the benefit of maturity. We even offer you an option to select your puppy and then send them off to be professionally trained before your pickup date.

What are the benefits of buying a trained Goldendoodle from Fox Creek Farms?

1. Saves time and energy

One of the biggest advantages of buying an already-trained dog or fully-trained Goldendoodles is that you don’t have to spend extensive time training them at a young age. A trained puppy will have already been house-trained and know basic commands. They would have been taught how to use the restroom outside, been crate trained, taught to walk on a leash, and had basic obedience. These are the key training points that will have been achieved but may vary based on the type of program and its length. There are various levels of dog training, so some programs may be more intensive and take longer, but should provide more solid socialization and a better grasp on basic obedience.

Here at Fox Creek Farm, we have a Board and Train program to offer our customers. We offer a two-week, four-week, six-week, eight-week, ten-week, and twelve-week program. They vary in price and offer a progressive type of training. The longer the training lasts, the more socialized and well-trained your newest addition will be before heading home to its new family. Among these programs, we also offer discounts and resources for at-home training programs.

2. Reduces the stress of first-time dog adoption

Buying a trained puppy is also a great way to reduce the stress of first-time dog owners bringing their puppies home. Whether you’re considering a pre-trained mini Goldendoodle or a full-sized obedience dog for sale, the stress of adopting your new family member is reduced when your puppy is already trained. This alleviates the need to train your new puppy independently without prior experience. A previously trained Goldendoodle can also reduce your stress levels by providing a well-mannered puppy trained by a professional allowing you to reinforce what the puppy has already learned.

Additionally, the stress of potty training a puppy can be immense. Potty-trained puppies for sale are a great way to alleviate that stress and guarantee a puppy that is already accustomed to using the restroom outside and not inside your home or crate.

3. Helps with disability and medical needs

Our twelve-week Board and Train program is a perfect beginning step into training service dogs. Goldendoodles make great therapy, work, and service dogs; beginning appropriate training at a young age is a wonderful step in that direction. There are several additional training programs for puppies to become service or training dogs, but our programs are a great precursor to this training. They make a good citizen dog with strong, foundational obedience skills necessary for therapy and service dogs. Dog behavior is essential in the process of becoming a Certified Therapy Dog so good basic training will help develop a working dog.

4. Better social integration

Depending on the program your newest Goldendoodle has completed, your puppy will have some level of heightened social integration. They will likely have worked with a professional dog trained who has safely exposed them to public environments (after proper vaccinations). They will be more prepared to venture out into the world with other distracting dogs and people. This creates an easier transition from our home at Fox Creek Farms to yours! This transition can be difficult on dogs and owners without pre-training and becomes much easier once social integration skills have already been developed.

5. Higher success rate

Buying a trained Goldendoodle from our reputable company increases the likelihood of success in training and long-term behavior. This training is done by professionals who work diligently to ensure your puppy is trained and ready for you! While training at home can be successful, it may take longer within the home as owners have to juggle life which may not allow for consistency and diligence in training. Our certified trainers train puppies and the new owners so their established commands and behavior continue when the puppy enters its new and permanent home.

6. Early companionship

Trained dogs are excellent companions to have at home as they are well-behaved, obedient, and eager to please their owners. They truly love you as much as you love them, and adopting a trained dog takes the frustration of training off your hands. This allows you to enjoy the easy parts of dog ownership and forgo the intense training required from day one. Goldendoodles are especially great companions because of their health, intelligence, gentleness, fun and loving personalities, and looks! They have become incredibly popular among dog owners as they make great companions, especially if already trained.

7. Schedule adapting

Home training a puppy takes a lot of time commitment and requires strict, consistent scheduling. With pre-training, the schedule will have already been created and habits formed. For example, meal times, bathroom breaks, and scheduled activity time are already developed as part of the training since this type of structure is necessary. This reduces stress from the family being consistent with the schedule since the puppy has already learned skills to communicate needs, such as asking to go out to potty.

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What to look for when buying a trained Goldendoodle?

Most training programs begin at week 8 or 10 when reputable breeders allow puppies to go to their new homes. This age coincides with when puppies begin having some bladder control. The training at this time is focused on targeting potty and crate training. This training is critical as establishing proper bathroom habits is much easier starting from scratch than when trying to correct bad habits that have formed due to a lack of proper dedication to this task.

Programs should also begin early socialization training. As mentioned, the length of the program may dictate how socialized your puppy will be at pick-up, but most programs will at least begin this process. The longer the training, the older your pup will be, making them more mature and more solid with their obedience.

Furthermore, leash training should occur in any pre-training program. This specifically includes teaching your newest addition to walk on a leash following your lead and without pulling, one of the hardest things for a puppy to learn. However, starting at a young age is incredibly important to develop the skill quickly and remain obedient when walking on a leash.

While the transition from our home to yours will still occur, it would be much easier and smoother with prior training. Transitioning from being with their littermates to their new family is difficult. Still, a trained professional can help with this transition, knowing exactly what it takes to settle in a new puppy.

You can find a dog that has been pre-trained in a few ways. The most successful and safe way is to work with a reputable breeder who is affiliated with a professional trainer. There are several breeders online that sell previously trained dogs. Enter keywords such as “ trained petite Goldendoodles for sale”, “well-trained puppy for sale”, “trained dogs near me”, or “housebroken puppies for sale,” based on the type of dog you are seeking. Once you have located a breeder that offers this service, don’t forget to do your homework to ensure the breeder does full health testing on all the parent dogs and provides a minimum of a two-year genetic defect warranty.

Overall, a pre-trained Goldendoodle comes with so many benefits, including less stress, better relationships, and an understanding of what is needed to please its owner. Many reputable breeders offer various lengths of training programs that include a wide variety and intensity of basic obedience skills, puppy development, and socialization. While these programs are an added cost, they can help your family adjust to a new life with a puppy more easily. It is a great step towards training a therapy or service pet but can also serve as a foundation for all other developments. All pets live happier life when they are properly trained and understand what is expected of them to receive praise. Fox Creek Farm would be happy to provide sound and professional training to your newest family member, as we want all our puppies to be appreciated for their good behavior.