Cassidy is an F1 mini out of Mocha and by Bam Bam. She is owned by Richard “Army” Maguire and Lisa Belitz of Hermosa Beach, CA.  Army is a trainer who has worked with animals of many kinds all over the world. His specialty has been elephants and he has established rides and shows in over 30 zoological gardens, safari parks, and circuses training over 70 wild elephants in Africa, Canada,
Puerto Rico, South America, and Thailand. He has trained baboons, chimps, capuchin monkeys, pigs, goats, dogs, camels, horses, llamas, and large cats for movie productions. Army has a website for those interested in training services –  He feels the 8-12 week stage that is avoided by most training programs is the most critical time for training to begin. < <

I have engaged Cassidy in learning from day one when I brought her home at 8 weeks of age. I have found that she retrieves very well…She also was quickly crate trained and taught to walk on a lead. At 13 weeks of age she was well versed in basic obedience training. She stands, lies down, circles around to the left side, and does all these things on cue. She will also retrieve objects and brng them back and place them directly in my hand. When she plays tug wth a rope, she will release the object just by telling her “release”. She does a variety of cute tricks such as waves, speaks, crawls, prays, backs up, rolls over in both directions, jumps over hurdles and through a hoop. She will even grapevine around my feet.

…I have no doubt in my mind after seeing Cassidy’s willingness to learn that this young puppy will be a fine pet. Anyone looking for an intelligent animal to be a service dog, tracker, detection dog, or working canine partner should consider this new breed of dog. All presently registered breeds of dog started out with selective breeding. Man developed new breeds of dogs because he thought there may be a combination of traits better suited for companionship or work. I believe the Goldendoodle has the best blend of drive, intellect, and socialiblity of any breed I have come across. They are a joy to work with.

Richard “Army” Maguire

Tricks Cassidy Knows

1. sit
2. wait
3. come
4. come front to face trainer
5. come circle to side heel position and sit or wait
6. stand from sit
7. stand hind legs
8. sit up with front legs
9. lie down (stretch)
10. head down in laying position
11. crawl from lay down
12. pray
13. L.A.P.D. – front paws on wall and stretch
14. shake head
15. give five and ten
16. wave
17. salute dance
18. seat (get on an object)
19. off (get off object or jump down)
20. look – look directly at handler or stare
21. get it – attack toy, rope, or rag held in hand
22. out – will release an object or interrupt chase of ball or play attack
23. retrieve ball when thrown (this is complex behavior mixing out/down/come from
retrieve without retrieving. Also sit, back up, and mixing other commands may be
24. back up when I am out of sight or with hand cue
25. back from side heel
26. back while facing ball or target from out in front of handler
27. back while facing trainer
28. bow
29. in my arms – dog will come into my arms when handler is bent over
30. up jump – into my arms/can be done from off a table also
31. bashful – dog will cover face while in down position
32. heels – this includes walk slow or fast, right or left
33. touch feet – dog will circle trainer and then come between legs of handler from
behind and place both its front feet on trainer’s feet. Trainer can then walk with dog
remaining on his feet.
34. figure eight – dog will figure 8 through trainer’s stationary legs
35. thread the needle – dog will figure 8 legs while trainer walks forward
36. unthread the needle – dog will back through legs of trainer while handler takes
steps backwards
37. kiss
38. touch – dog will touch hand or target hand
39. go get the dollar – dog will take a dollar and bring it to trainer and drop it in a hat
40. puts money in a bank
41. looks in the bank after money is placed to check it
42. vocalizes two different ways – a whine and a crisp bark
43. skateboards
44. moves mouth – when signaled, dog will open or close mouth
45. spin in two directions
46. waltz – will spin while walking at waltz
47. crazy dog – dog gets excited/frantic, but this can be controlled by command
48. jump over stick or any horizontal barrier
49. will leap onto a wall and walk or balance while walking the wall
50. house – will go into crate and remain there
51. walk on hind legs
52. yawn
53. pull a rope with something attached
54. close the door – up on hind legs to close door