Cessna – F1 mini Goldendoodle – Certified Therapy Dog
Cessna is out of Ellie and by Radar.

February 19, 2007

Cessna and I took the Delta Society Therapy dog evaluation yesterday, and as I
knew she would be, she was perfect and passed the test. Of course I’m
ecstatic!!! Although she is a well trained dog, it is truly her temperament which
is just so sweet and friendly that will make her such a wonderful therapy dog.

Susan Gaston

It’s been a long time since I’ve checked in – hard to believe Cessna is now 4 years old. wonderful Cessna is doing. She got her first staring roll in a TV commercial. The TV crew said she was the best dog they had worked with. (Of course I knew that!) Cessna was just recertified as a Delta Society Therapy Dog and received her “complex rating” with the Delta Society. We go regularly to the local children’s hospital, nursing home, and we just started a reading program with the therapy dogs at an elementary school. Of course my friends who also got Goldendoodles from you continually thank me – and their dogs are as fabulous as Cessna.

Hope all is well,
Susan Gaston

Cessna completed her HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response certification on July, 20, 2014!

Susan Gaston