Desi O’Doodle (5 July 2014 – Claire/Levi), formerly known as Despereaux,joined our family at 6 months old. Amy’s famous matchmaking had hit a snag with his first family, so he came to us with some baggage – though you’d never know it now! He is a typical doodle with two speeds: couch potato or full steam ahead. Desi attends Cross Paws Fitness at Pup ‘n Iron Canine Fitness Center two days a week where he reinforces his obedience training with agility, core strength training, walks, and his two favorite activities: swimming and playing ball. He patterns very quickly (meaning he likes to do things the same way every time) and is not very food-motivated (he’d prefer a cuddle or ear scratch) so he keeps the staff and trainers on their toes – and us on ours, too. At home, he loves to steal a shoe, the remote control, a sock – anything that wasn’t put away where it belongs. He is an unofficial therapy dog in our neighborhood – sitting patiently with the elderly and gazing deeply into their eyes. He’s a gentle giant with a heart of gold who just wants to be loved – or play ball. Desi earned his CGC in November 2017. Look for him at Doodles in Dewey – he’s the crazy doodle racing around and stealing toys who knows just how to get the perfect snuggle!