Dixie is an F1B mini Goldendoodle who is a Certified Therapy Dog.  She is out of Emma and by Bam Bam. She passed her Delta Society therapy dog test in June, 2009 when she was 18 mos. old. She makes weekly visits to an assisted living/rehab facility in Arlington. The residents there refer to Mondays as Dixie days. One rehab patient was so enamored with Dixie that her kids bought her a goldendoodle as a Get Well present. Dixie also visits the ICU at George Washington University Hospital as part of the National Capital Therapy Dog pet partner program. Nurses, patients, and visitors light up when they see Dixie, as she represents normalcy in an otherwise stressful situation.

Dixie is such a gift to my life. She is so social that I am getting to know every person and dog in the level one title this fall. However, she prefers therapy dog work to rally-o trials.

Best regards,

Janice Jensen