DUFFY – Micro Petite Multigen out of Posh and by Trapper
In mid-September my Mom was put on hospice. She had been blind and hard of hearing for the last few years and asked the doctors to take away all her Meds except comfort Meds a year ago. Even though we d been ready for a year this last part of her journey was so hard for her and devastating for me. Duffy was with us the whole time. Mom has always loved puppies and he was a comfort to both of us.

Duffy was a very welcome visitor at the nursing home and residents were sad when Mom passed (of course) but also sad that they wouldn’t see Duffy anymore.

We have started to make weekly visits to the home so the residents can still have some “puppy love”. He really is a ray of sunshine!

Duffy has completed his Puppy Good Citizen 1 training and we will start the Good Citizen 2 classes soon. I did get the ADA service dog certification. However, I was surprised that I wasn’t required to prove that Duffy could really meet all the requirements!  No wonder there are reports of fraudulent use of the certification! But it does enable us to train Duffy more easily. The badge and paperwork enable us to take him into a friends restaurant when it is not too busy and he practices sitting quietly in his stroller while we eat. Inevitably, other guests want to snuggle him and ask questions about his training! It is very good for him to stay calm and loving, it’s hard for him to resist jumping with excitement!  He just can’t get enough loving!

I also take him to shopping malls. He loves his stroller! Makes it easy for people to greet him. It’s perfect height for petting him. It also helps me walk more easily. Low back arthritis and fibromyalgia pain make walking painful for me. People are amazed at how good, gentle, loving, and adorable Duffy is. Someone always wants to have their picture taken with him!

They are amazed that he is such a small Goldendoodle. Everyone knows about their wonderful personalities, but he’s the first mini they’ve seen, and they are “love struck”! I really should keep a stack of your business cards with me!  I tell folks about your website.

Duffy lights up the room wherever he goes. Happiness is in the air and he lightens everyone s spirits. Emotional therapy and pain relief for everyone he meets!  We are so glad he is part of our life.
Thank you soooo much!
Peggy and Dave Bross