Josie – F1 Mini Goldendoodle Certified Therapy and Assistance Dog.   Josie was born on 2/7/03. She is an F1 mini Goldendoodle out of Honey and by Radar.  Carole and Josie headed a study for Scripps Clinic & Research Institute. They worked on teaching dogs to detect cancer in urine.  Josie and Carole appeared on the CBS Early Show on 1/6/05 because of the wonderful progress they have made!

Josie is unbelievably wonderful—-smart, bonded, and sweet. I’ve been burned out of training the past few
years but she has put the joy back. She’s so easy, it’s fun. Since she knows all the basic commands, I’m
teaching her tricks as well. I am constantly amazed by her.THANK YOU!!!!!!!Carole Schatz, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer)
Best Friend Behavior Training
San Diego, CA
July 5, 2003

…Josie is still completely wonderful. When in stores, the busy county fair, Costco, etc she acts like a perfect
service dog. It’s really unbelievable for a 5 mos. old puppy. Nothing phases her—she’s so stable and good.


November 1, 2003

Josie and Ryan visited some of the firefighters who saved most of out homes here in San Diego.

The fire was one mile from out neighborhood. We will always be grateful to them.



January 4, 2004

Josie, my 11 mos. old mini Goldendoodle just passed her AKC CGC with flying colors. What a good girl!


March 31, 2004

Josie passed all her assistance dog tests yesterday. There are 2 sets of tests. One is given at a minimum of 1
year of age and is called a Facility Dog certification. She breezed through it. She was also tested for and
passed the advanced certification, but she can’t get the Full Status Assistance Dog title until she is two.


Pet Pals Assistance Dogs is the organization through which Josie is certified. You
can find Josie on their website at