Molly – F1B Mini Goldendoodle – Canine Good Citizen
out of Bambi and by Bam Bam

Maggie is an F1B mini that has earned her Canine Good Citizen Award.  At a year and a half, she is a terrific pet and wonderful family friend…well, she’s actually everyone’s friend!  She is quick to learn and enjoys the process of learning new commands and tricks. Her favorite indoor game is “Find It”. She brings me her “chewie,” I put her in a stay and hide it. Then she is released to find it. Which she always does even if it takes some time. That game morphed one day into her hiding the chewie and staring at me until I got the idea to go look for it! I never knew there would be game reciprocation!  Maggie runs like the wind and loves our once or twice a day frisbee and ball games. She is a good hiker and long walker as well.  I think if our two old cats were younger, they would have a great time with Maggie who wants to play, but they are above all that!  Now we look forward to taking the Therapy Dog International class next summer and, hopefully, volunteering this doggie joy and love at our local hospice.
Thanks to Amy for a great breeding program! – Elizabeth O’Mea