Mango is a medium Multigen out of Taylor and by Levi.  He has earned his Canine Good Citizenship Award!

Mango is a friendly, engaging, intelligent pet — actually more a member of our family than a pet.  He is eager to learn and to please.  On walks, Mango enthusiastically greets both people and dogs.  He readily obeys a number of commands, including sit, down, stay, wait, go to mat, go to crate, and heel.  We let Mango run free on wooded trails in parks —  he always comes on command.  Mango has taken and passed a number of training courses, and has earned the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizenship award.  He visits the Forest Hills Senior Residence every week, and has a number of friends there, people with limited mobility for whom a visit with Mango is an important part of the week.  Mango has met and exceeded our every expectation.