Molly – Multigen Mini Goldendoodle – Hearing Dog

Molly Bear was born December 11, 2012 to Grace and Trapper .I fell in love with Fox Creek Goldendoodles years earlier. Several years later, I abruptly lost most all my hearing, from a virus, in the left ear. My right ear hearing was affected when I was six years old. I now had a realm of sounds I could no longer hear and had lost the ability to know where sound came from. I got Molly knowing I was going to raise her as a hearing dog. After the first year of obedience classes, Kati Warren of Virginia North Carolina Hearing Dogs began training Molly and Me. It was an intensive training program over the next eighteen months. Molly needed to learn her responses and I had to learn to pay attention to what she was telling me. Unlike a service dog that waits for your command ,I had to pay attention to hers. Molly passed all her requirements and now is my ears. When she needs to notify me she sits up her hunches and paws my leg. I then say ,”What”, and she takes me to the source of the sound. She responds to the door bell, knocks on the door, smoke alarms, telephone, cell phones, alarm clocks, microwave and stove in any environment. She will go get help, tell me where my husband is in the house, get me for him. In public Molly lets me know if someone is approaching, from behind. She has gotten me out of the way on our Greenway . She has stopped me from crossing a road. Molly gives me the security I was so afraid of losing.  There are not words to express the deep affection I have for my pup. Molly is priceless.