Molly – F1 Standard Goldendoodle – Certified Therapy Dog & Canine Good Citizen out of Cassie and by Hawkeye

Molly is an F1 standard Goldendoodle who was born on May 23, 2004.  She’s on the small side weighing just 51 pounds which is good because she loves to sit in my lap.  My husband and I were fortunate enough to adopt her when another couple changed their minds.  Molly is a wonderful member of our family and brings us joy every day.  All I have to do is look at her and she makes me smile.  She loves to play ball, swim in the lake at our summer home, chase  Frisbees, and go for walks, but her very favorite activity is just being with us.  She has such a loving nature that I thought she would make a good therapy dog.  So, at just shy of nine years of age she took and passed both the Canine Good Citizens and the Therapy Dog International tests with flying colors.  We will be visiting several nursing homes and hospitals in the area, but our favorite activity is visiting local colleges during exam weeks to help the students deal with the stress and pressure of finals.