Romeo is a standard Multigen out of Claire and by Levi.
Our Romeo is truly a gift and an angel in our lives. We were looking for a service dog a few years ago but had no idea where to start. We bumped into Bogart Wolf in Stone Harbor by chance and fell in love with how he responded to me and my disability. His mom Leslie sat quietly as he moved in toward me while I sat on a bench taking a rest and Bogie moved in to see if I was ok. He sat by my feet and quietly protected me. I asked Leslie what breed Bogie was and the conversation ensued from there as if we had to have this chat about Fox Creek Farms and the person I call ,” Mommy Amy.”  Leslie gave me the website for Fox Creek Farms and we immediately emailed Amy Lane with our situation regarding questions on how to obtain one of her male standard sized golden doodles. We did get on the waiting list and Romeo was born on December 13, 2013!!  Our little miracle is and was just that… We needed him to assist me in very unique ways, hoping and praying he would pass all of the requirements a service dog needed to do.  Since we were going at it solo, we had to find a qualified service dog trainer. As luck would have it we did! Anderson K9 of Levittown PA, by Asa Anderson, a retired NJ State Trooper of 30 Years of whom headed up the K9 Unit took us on with our Romeo. Asa has worked with numerous service animals as military projects for wounded warriors, home protection, as well as a first responders for 911.  I met Romeo around 3-4 months old. Our plan was to start him with basic behavior training. By month 4&5, Romeo passed the temperament testing and started service training with Asa’s two year old dogs in service training. Romeo was not only keeping up with the 2 year olds, he was leading the class at times per Asa. I was blown away to hear such news!! I have never had a service dog before and this process was foreign to me in every way. Go Romeo.
This process continued with Asa approximately every week until Romeo turned one.   Asa graduated Romeo as a full service dog per federal regulations. If I ever have any questions or need help, Asa is a phone call away. He continues to drop by occasionally to check in on us via home visits. We are super proud of him & what his capabilities are at such a young age. He helps me everyday in so many ways. My life will truly never be the same without him and all of the people that were involved with this amazing process. If Romeo ever needs any “tweaking ” or if my condition changes, which it does, I know I can always get help from my service trainer.  We are super thankful for ALL of the Angels in our life. It all started with Bogart- he brought all of us together!