Sadie – Multigen Mini Goldendoodle
Canine Good Citizen

Hi Amy,
I just wanted to share with you that Sadie, (Trapper and Nanny’s baby girl), passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors.  I am so proud of her and she was only 10 months when she passed the test.  The trainer was amazed and he kept raving about what a great temperment she had and how calm she was, not to mention beautiful.  He sees lots of dogs and I was of course thrilled.  We are now taking the Pet Partners therapy training program together.   I am going to the Tufts Paws for People at their Cummings School for Veterinary Medicine for the test after she turns a year.  She brings such happiness to us and all she meets that I thought we should spread the joy of our Sadie
Amy once again I want toTHANK YOU for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives.  As Sadie keeps bringing joy to her family she also brings Amy Lane doodle love to all she meets.
Thank you as well for maintaining the facebook page and GANA both of which the Bailey family enjoys being part of.  It is so much fun reading about the Fox Creek Doodle family.

Gratefully yours,
Beverly Bailey (Sadie’s mom)

PS. Only Sadie is allowed on our good carpet.   She was trained to ring her

Hi Amy,
Sadie has brought such love and joy into our family and now she is a certified Pet’s Partners Therapy Dog and can share her gentle love to others as well. Thank you Amy for such a wonderful dog and Congrats to our Sadie.

Sadie the Doodle Angel
One early Saturday morning I received a call that our beloved Aunt Bernice had passed away. Bernice’s husband Richard took her death hard and with tears in his eyes spoke of the love he had for his deceased wife at her funeral. Richard was frail himself with a hip replacement and fighting cancer yet he stood tall as he walked to the gazebo to toss her ashes into the flowing waters of the Hudson River. Richard and the rest of the family continued on to share a reception of food, drink and memories. As so often happens to the elderly who are hard of hearing, Richard found himself sitting by himself in a room full of people who didn’t know what to say to him. Sadie however, found him and gently sat next to him. Sadie placed her head on his lap and would not leave his side for the rest of the day even though there were children in the next room that she normally would have loved to play with. Every once in a while someone would stop by to greet Richard and express their condolences but hastened on their way in discomfort to grab a glass of wine and chat with less distressed family members. Sadie however stayed steadfast by his side. He pet her and found comfort in her soft fur and warm eyes. She understood his pain. At some point much later Richard went to the dining room and had a bite to eat. Sadie followed him and rested her head on his foot under the table. For the first time that day Richard smiled and felt he had found a kindred soul who understood. Somehow Sadie knew he needed her comfort and when others ignored him Sadie stayed close to Richard with gentle loving warmth.
This essay and photo were entered in Westport’s Top Dog 2015 contest.  Sadie won first prize over about 25 other entries.  Here are some of the press releases.  Way to go Sadie!!