Sadie – multigen mini Goldendoodle certified Therapy dog out of Emma and by Chester

Hi Amy,
I just thought I would update you on Sadie.  She is 4 1/2 and she is doing very well.  My pride and joy.  She completed training to be a Therapy Dog and passed her test on the first try.  We’re waiting for our “assignment”.  In the meantime, we go regularly to the dorms of the college.  I teach how to “de-stress” the students, especially during exams and when they get homesick.  She has been asked to “guest lecture” by a colleague of mine in a class on Pet Therapy in November.  She is truely a very bright dog.  I have made puzzles for her and we play games that demonstrate basic problem solving.  We get together with her sister, Garbo, a couple of times  a year and they have a great time together.

Sadie sends love and licks…

Sheila Maestri