Wilson – F1 Mini Goldendoodle out of Ally and by Radar who has earned his Canine Good Citizen Award and is a Certified Therapy Dog

January 25, 2009

Hi Amy,

I’m always checking your website. Wilson is an F1 mini born in ’03 and I just wanted to update you, 5 years later, that he is the love of our life. I can’t tell you how many people over the years have stopped us to ask what kind of dog he is and he is just the best gentleman and therapy dog ever. He has been “everywhere” with us and has his own vacation scrapbook. Never a better dog in the world! Wilson is the best of the best and when you suggested we get a male, after having females for 30 years, we were skeptical, but now we would never get any other dog than a male. Loyal, caring, affectionate, I could go on and on. Just a great big “Thank You” after 5 years.

Debbie and Jim French