Zeke-F1 Standard Goldendoodle – Canine Good Citizen Award & Certified Therapy Dog

Zeke is out of Chloe and by Hawkeye whelped 10/20/04. He received his Canine Good Citizen award, his Rally certification
and is registered with the Therapy Dogs, Inc.
He is owned by Bernie and Ann Grossman of Newtown, PA.


Zeke has been officially registered as a Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc. We are so proud of him. Everyone loved him during the trials at a nursing home, home for abused children, and a hospice. He is so special.

Ann and Bernie Grossman

Zeke’s favorite unit is the PCU (Progressive Care Unit). This is a unit with a lot of heart patients hooked to monitors. He peeks h is head into each room and when invited in, looks through the patient’s ‘stuff’ – if a suitcase is open or there is clothing on a chair and gives it a regulation ‘sniff’. Then he visits with any family or visitor in the room. At the end of the visit, we make the rounds of the nursing stations. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone…

He is the smartest dog I’ve ever lived with. He has a sense of humor. He will steal items and purposely shake them in front of you. He also tries to howl (or woo-woo) with them in his mouth. I laugh and the more I laugh, the louder he gets.

So thank you, Amy. Zeke gives us more joy than we could ever express. We could not love him more if he was human (and, in reality, I see no difference at all between him and me).

Ann Grossman