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Are Goldendoodles One of the Smartest Dog Breeds?

Goldendoodles, a hybrid crossbreed between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, are amazing pets and are very intelligent. Goldendoodles are rapidly growing in popularity, whether because they are absolutely adorable, they are super smart, or just because they are a great breed overall.

There are so many reasons why Goldendoodles are so smart and we’re going to talk about 13 of those reasons and some of the benefits of having a smart dog.

Goldendoodle parents are really smart

The canine researcher, Dr. Coren did studies on dogs’ intelligence, ranking them in order of intelligence. He consulted over 200 dog obedience judges to determine the rankings that he published. The researcher limited their study to purebred dogs and did not include mutts or mixed breeds in the results which explains why Goldendoodles are not on the list.

The researcher’s focus and methodology only allowed for the ranking of purebred dogs which have more clearly defined and consistent physical and behavioral characteristics than mixed breeds. The study ranked Poodles as the second most intelligent dog breed and Golden Retrievers as the fourth most intelligent dog breed.

So, of course, Goldendoodles are going to be incredibly intelligent if their parents are so smart. They get the best of both worlds from their parents.

They are instinctively intelligent

Dog experts define instinctive intelligence as a dog’s ability to perform tasks for which they were originally bred. So, as we all know, Golden Retrievers are retrieving dogs, hence their name. They love hunting, fetching, and retrieving. Goldendoodle parents typically say they did not have to teach their pups how to play fetch as it seemed automatic. The fact that Goldendoodles can instinctively perform the tasks for which they were originally bred is a testament to their instinctive intelligence.

Red goldendoodle with blue ball in the snow, with a snow covered beard

They are adaptively intelligent

Experts define adaptive intelligence in dogs as the ability to observe and learn from their environment in order to solve problems. A few examples of a dog exhibiting this is how easily they learn to solve food puzzle games. Another is how quickly they learn that if they follow you into a room, you might shut the door behind them and they won’t be able to get back to the other room.

Goldendoodles recognize how to get what they want by recognizing patterns in their environments. It is common for Goldendoodles to know just by the shoes their owners put on in the morning whether the owner is leaving for work, getting ready to take them for a walk, or if they will just be relaxing in the house at that time.

They have working intelligence

Working intelligence in dogs is characterized by their ability to listen to and perform a command. Some people refer to this as “school learning.” Goldendoodles are eager to please and enjoy lots of mental stimulation, so they respond quite well to commands. Goldendoodles do not need a lot of repetitions to be able to learn a command as they usually pick up commands within a few tries. Most young Doodles can learn a trick in one day and still remember it a few days later proving they retain the previous training.

Goldendoodles are commonly used as service dogs

In order to be a service dog, the dog needs to be smart, fast-learning, and emotionally intelligent/stable. Being able to help humans perform essential tasks is difficult but Goldendoodles have proven time and again that they are up to the task.

They are great at communicating

A dog being able to communicate with humans is quite impressive since we don’t speak the same language. Goldendoodles are actually exceptionally good at communicating their needs and want. One way they do this is by learning to ring bells or bark by the door to tell their owners they want to go potty. Another is when they nudge their head on your hand to tell you they want attention. Most every Goldendoodle owner will tell you that their dog has sounds he makes to convey what he is seeking.

They are very emotionally intelligent

Goldendoodles can sense when their owner is happy or sad and sometimes will even match their mood. Goldendoodles are also smart enough to know that babies and toddlers are fragile so they play more gently with them. This is one of the many reasons people attest that Goldendoodles are great family dogs. Being able to sense how they should behave in certain situations is a sign of extreme intelligence, especially when it relates to sensing the abilities and emotions of humans.

Goldendoodles are amazing at sensing their surroundings

Most Goldendoodles know when they are approaching their neighborhood just by the scent or familiar visual cues. This ability allows them to be able to navigate new and unfamiliar surroundings, but also to recognize familiar surroundings. Since Goldendoodles have excellent noses, they will know their surroundings and potentially know how to behave in these environments. If they aren’t behaving in a certain setting, they will definitely be able to smell treats in your pocket and will modify their behavior in order to be rewarded.

two goldendoodles on a boat ride

Dogs can understand human language

According to some research, dogs’ mental abilities are close to a human child aged 2-2.5 years. They can also understand up to 150 words or commands. That’s pretty impressive! Although the research was conducted on dogs in general, Goldendoodles, having highly intelligent parents, are believed to possess a greater ability to understand human language compared to other dog breeds.

Goldendoodles are very curious

Goldendoodles are super eager to learn, explore, and experience new things. This gives them leverage in intelligence because they are so observant. Goldendoodles many times do not sleep when activities are happening in their environment simply because they want to know what’s happening.

They’re very adaptable

Goldendoodles very easily adapt to new situations and environments which allows them to be calm and obedient in potentially stressful situations. This is an attributing factor to why you see Goldendoodles with their humans in outdoor restaurants, hotels, and stores.

Goldendoodles are perceptive

This breed has an amazing ability to perceive its surroundings. For example, if you use a stern voice with them, they will understand that you are upset with them and need them to modify their actions. They also understand your tone of voice when you’re excited or happy and they will act accordingly.

They are easy to train

If you compare training a Goldendoodle to many other breeds, you will likely be able to tell the difference in difficulty. Doodles require only a few repetitions to learn a trick or command, particularly when trained using positive reinforcement.

Benefits of a Smart Dog Like the Goldendoodle

Having a smart dog can be very fun and rewarding. Every day, you will be amazed by their abilities. Here are some reasons having a smart dog is beneficial.

Easy training

Smart dogs are super easy to train. They will learn commands and tricks quickly making training less of a hassle and more fun. Busy dog owners love the fact that successful training happens quickly.

Amazing problem-solving skills

Smart dogs are able to figure out solutions to problems better than dogs of lesser intelligence. This may imply that they will need more mental stimulation, but it also suggests that they will be able to easily solve everyday problems such as how to avoid getting tangled up in a pole while walking on a leash.

Better communication

Having a dog who is able to listen and respond to you is so rewarding. Goldendoodles are really good at not only responding to commands but also responding to your mood and their environment. For example, if they are in a really quiet place such as a hospital or nursing home, they will likely understand that they need to be quiet and behave well.

Stronger bonds

Intelligent dogs create stronger bonds with their owners because they are able to understand and respond to your emotions. Also, higher intelligence likely means a greater ability to become emotionally attached to their human family. Who doesn’t love a caring, loyal pup?

Goldendoodles are not only smart, but they are also affectionate

Smart dogs sometimes earn the reputation of having too much energy, being too much to handle, and not being as affectionate as other breeds. However, Goldendoodles will show affection within moments of meeting almost anyone. Goldendoodles have a good mixture of desire to be active and to cuddle or lounge with you.

Goldendoodles have a very loving personalities which will definitely shine when they comfort you when they realize you are sad. They sense the need to just quietly lay with their human who is recovering from an injury or illness.

All in all, Goldendoodles are very intelligent animals. They will consistently use this intelligence to impress you and gain your praise. They will be easy to train, fun to be around, and adaptable in high-stress situations. Unlike some high-energy, intelligent working dogs such as Border Collies, they will not require as much physical exercise or mental stimulation. However, when put to task, they will excel in high-energy situations. They possess a good balance of energy and adaptability making them suitable for different lifestyles and living situations.

Goldendoodles bring joy and companionship to everyone they meet and especially to their families. Overall, Goldendoodles are amazing dogs to have around for many reasons and their intelligence is high on that list.